There's an awful lot of music that I like; but there's a lot less that really matters to me emotionally, and even less of that has lyrics. I never used to listen to lyrics at all. In fact, I believed that doing so polluted my experience of the music. But gradually my opinion changed, to the point I'm at now, where deliberately ignoring the lyrics would be nothing more than a lie to myself, and I know it.

This is one section of my website where I've let art dominate over usability to some extent; each page is colored in a way I thought appropriate to the song in question. They're still reasonably easy to read, in my opinion, but if you don't like the way it looks, feel free to find these lyrics anywhere you want—the songs I have here aren't particularly obscure. The difference is that I typed in the lyrics while listening to the songs, rather than using a lyric sheet. This means that I typed each copy of the chorus by hand, carefully noting small differences in wording. Since I have notorious difficulty making out what people are saying, especially in cases that are sometimes as murky as lyrics are, it also means some of the words may be just wrong.

Without further ado, here are a small sample of the bands and songs that have had some emotional meaning to me:




Linkin Park

Nanase Aikawa

Note: I don't know Japanese, so I found these elsewhere online. On the other hand, I did listen very carefully and find one error. :-)

Nine Inch Nails

Our Lady Peace

Ronan Hardiman

Simple Plan

Sister Hazel


They Might Be Giants

Kenn Hamm
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