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Intellectual Property Policy

Copyright (c) 2004, Kenn Hamm. You may copy my pages, but you must give me credit. You may create derived works, but you may not misrepresent what I wrote. You may not sell my work without my permission.

Privacy Policy

I may collect any data you or software your computer runs sends to me. This includes anything you enter on forms on this site, what pages you visit, your IP address, what web browser you run, and what link you followed to reach my site. I archive this data indefinitely and may use it for any non-commercial purpose. I have no plans to sell it or share it with anyone who will. If that changes, this page will change, and old data will not be sold.


This website is hosted by Ragnar. (Click the link for lots more information about the server.) It currently runs on Apache and OpenBSD. These are unlikely to change (again).


Please feel free to contact me about anything. Kenn Hamm <kenn@aspeiro.net>

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