This page is a repository for stories that I have written. First of all, I want to give some information that pertains to the stories in general, specifically as relates to what you may or may not do with them. I want to point out that this information should serve only to clarify or add additional qualifications to that available at this page, not contradict it. If there is a conflict, the page just linked to takes precedence.

As a practical matter, by putting these stories up for any Web user to read, I will probably not be able to publish them for profit later on. However, I certainly do not grant you the right to attempt to do so. You may print these stories to help yourself read them, and you may pass along the URLs to them to anyone you wish. I would prefer that you not print copies and pass them along to others, but you may do so if (and only if) you include the URL at which you retrieved the story in each such printed copy. You may never remove my name from these stories, or claim them to be the work of anyone but me.

Now that we have that out of the way, a bit more background. I like writing and do it whenever I am inspired, which unfortunately is not often enough. Nevertheless, these stories are some of my creations of which I am most proud. I would very much appreciate your comments on them - send them to If you want to say that you liked one of them, point me to techniques to improve my writing skill, or whatever, please feel free to do so.

Enough rambling - on to the stories:

Note: if a story didn't have a title, I have added one. Untitled pieces are fine in isolation, but it becomes a huge pain when one tries to keep track of which is which.

Kenn Hamm
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