Cat Pictures!

Revco, Clyde, and me (Kenn.)
Left to right: Betsy (my sister) and Revco, Cassie (my mother) and
Princess, Kenn (me) and Clyde.

These are pictures of several cats: Revco Jr. and Clyde, who live in Catskill, New York with my father, my grandparents, sometimes my sister, and me when I'm on vacation, and Princess, Cookie, and Diamond, who live in Delmar, New York with my mother and my sister.

Clyde and Revco.
Revco and Clyde.

(There should be pictures of Muffin, the fourth cat who lives at my mother's house, as well, but I don't happen to have any handy. When I get some, I'll post them.)

Clyde, Revco, and me.
Clyde and my dad.

Revco Jr. and Clyde are part of the same 3-cat litter; their sister lived with their mother until she died of heart problems. They're medium-hairs, at least so I've heard. Their fur is exceptionally soft. Clyde used to be the chubby one, but now Revco actually weighs more.

Revco Jr.

Clyde tends to be more cautious and easily scared, whereas Revco tends to be more outgoing and talkative, but they're both very friendly and affectionate by house cat standards, which I attribute partially to their genetics and partially to the very large amount of time they spent around people, especially being held, during the first half year of their lives. (Not that they aren't still held a lot now!) Revco and Clyde are strictly indoor cats (except when they escape, but we get them back pretty quickly—they don't go too far away).

Princess and Cookie.

Muffin (not pictured here) is the mother of all three of the other cats who live at my mother's house, Diamond, Princess, and Cookie. Diamond is older than Princess and Cookie, who were part of the same three-cat litter (their brother lives elsewhere). Diamond is somewhat unusual for a cat; she can be cranky but also affectionate, she's very talkative, and she prefers humans to other cats (in fact, she's sort of a bully with the other cats).


Muffin isn't a very domestic cat. She's very small and doesn't like to be held much, and she likes to hunt. Princess is fairly friendly and sweet. Cookie is somewhat skittish, but very cute if you can catch her off guard.

The cats at my mom's house do go outside, theoretically only when someone's home, but sometimes when they can't be found and people need to leave, they get left outside. They've even spent entire nights outside occasionally. (There's no cat door or anything, so if they're outside, they're really stuck there.)

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